Are you driven, ambitious, and yearning for ‘something MORE’ in your work?

Do you know in your heart that you have so much untapped potential…and that this isn’t quite…‘IT’?

Life is too short to stand on the sidelines wondering what could have been

Whether you’re craving clarity on what your dream career by design even looks like…

Or want to (finally) get that business idea off the backburner once and for all

Or create a multi-passionate career like mine and do all the things that set your soul on fire

Let me show you how…

Want to create a career of your design?

What happy clients say:

“I’ve created my dream career and tripled my annual income"

“I’ve created my dream career and tripled my annual income"

When I first met Holly I was stuck at a crossroads wondering what to do next. I had so many ideas, but I didn’t have the confidence to implement them. I had spent years in large organisations trying to break the glass ceiling and had dreamed of starting my own business but had no idea how. With Holly’s help, I have been able to start a digital marketing business that means I can work from anywhere, spend more time with my family, and help care for my ageing mother.

Anne Lee-Archer

“Holly is just amazing - seriously, this woman works magic!"

“Holly is just amazing - seriously, this woman works magic!"

Before working with Holly I was lost and confused as to where I was headed. I had been in a job for 10 years which wasn’t my passion, but I felt trapped by personal circumstances such as being a single Mum in debt and having to work a waitressing job to make ends meet.  Since starting coaching with her I have started my own virtual assistant business and have international clients, quit my waitressing job and have just handed in my notice – all in the space of eight months! For the first time in a really really long time, I am excited about my future. 

Nair Bonito

“The best investment I ever made in myself and my business’"

“The best investment I ever made in myself and my business’"

Prior to working with Holly I often let clients walk all over me.  Not anymore!  Previously I’d discount in order to win the work, but Holly helped me shift my mindset and confidently charge what I am worth. Being completely self-taught I was always lacking confidence and never saw myself as a true professional photographer until we worked together. During my time working with Holly, I doubled my prices, quadraupled my monthly income, and have taken my business to the next level by offering additional services to clients and expanding my team. It has been the best investment I ever made in myself and in my business. 

Jennifer Schmidt

Meet Holly:

Holly MacCue is a Career and Business Success Coach who helps multi-passionate women to ‘re-write the rules’ for success and create a career of their design.

As the creator of her own multi-passionate career where she combines a senior marketing role in a global organisation alongside a passion-driven six-figure business, Holly believes that we get in life what we have the courage to ask for.

She’s helped hundreds of clients to quit their day jobs and launch dream businesses; triple their annual income, negotiate part-time flexibility, promotions and even +30% salary increases in their 9-5s. Her signature approach involves game-changing communication techniques that support her clients to boldly ask for what they want in a way that gets a yes.

Her success strategies have been featured in The Huffington Post, Marie Claire and The Australian. She lives in Sydney with her husband, baby girl and two cats.


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