Without a doubt, 2018 was my hardest and most rewarding year to date – in life and in business.

I spent the majority of the year on maternity leave following the birth of my daughter Ella Rose, so sitting down to write this I did initially think -eek, have I really accomplished all that much in my business?

Prior to Ella, I was someone who prided myself on being super productive (allll the time), squeezing something out of every minute of the day. This year I’ve had to make some BIG adjustments whilst becoming a mother, alongside a business owner, and with family far away on the other side of the world.

But when I reflect on everything 2018 has brought, there are some really important highs and lows that have BOTH shaped me and helped me grow, and I feel I owe it to you all to share these honestly and vulnerably in the hope that these lessons will support you too.


Top of the list would have to be the birth of Ella on 26th March. Up until this point my husband and I giggled along when others told us ‘sleep while you can’ and ‘it’s a big life changer’ and the pragmatic (possibly naïve) part of me thought ‘yeah yeah, surely it’s just all about good organisation at the end of the day’. My god I had noooo idea. Adjusting to parenthood and attempting to keep the life you had is like building a house in an earthquake.

“Adjusting to parenthood and attempting to keep the life you had is like building a house in an earthquake”.

I turned over six figures in revenue despite being on maternity leave. This was definitely down to strategically planning ahead in 2017. If you’re interested in hearing how exactly I achieved this, hit reply and let me know.

I became a Professionally Certified Coach recognised by the International Coaching Federation, and officially hit the 1,000 x 1-1 coaching hours mark since becoming certified five years ago. Pretty awesome considering I have only ever been part-time in my coaching business.

I hired a 7 figure business mentor I have wanted to work with for FOUR YEARS and who I have had on my wish list, but whose programs are by invitation only and for those at a certain level in their business, so this was a BIG win.

We spent 6 weeks in the UK creating precious family memories with Ella. It was an incredible trip to see my parents, sister and wider family circle, whilst being able to again reap the rewards of a flexible, online business.

2018 My Year In Review

I launched two masterminds including my first ever round of my highest level program ‘Inner Circle’. This is the next level of personalised support for women looking to 10x their income, impact and influence and truly own their brilliance in the world. See my brilliant ladies below on a Guest Expert Call with Kamila Gornia. 

Continued to work with THE most amazing clients ever. Being a part of their journey from feeling stuck and unhappy in their careers to creating dream side-hustles, smashing income goals, negotiating higher salaries, appearing in international media, quitting their 9-5s and paying off debt and – the best part – owning their worth, is what lights me up more than anything. I have been involved in some awesome collaborations this year, working with so many talented and inspirational individuals. 


The wake-up call that I couldn’t keep doing it ALL around a newborn. It honestly doesn’t matter how many people tell you how much your life will change, you just don’t get it until you’re in it. My recovering perfectionist streak was out in its full unashamed glory as I worried about every last detail to do with caring for Ella, googling ‘how to make your baby sleep’, ‘what does this rash mean?’, ‘how to stop winging it as a first time mum’ night and day. LOL.

Keep things as SIMPLE and easy as possible, in every area. My time is no longer my own, and Ella needs me constantly, for everything. My motto in business has ALWAYS been to focus on the simplest way to get moving as opposed to getting bogged down in fancy marketing tactics. This has really served me this year especially.

In 2018 I scaled back on face to face commitments that required travel and did 95% of work from home which means I could literally finish a call then head straight over to playtime or bath time with just a minute’s walk. The FREEDOM that comes with this possibility is unreal.

2018 My Year In Review

Constantly show up to your audience (regardless of what’s going on in your personal life) is KEY. My biggest challenge is that I love to share video content with my audience, but unless they are willing to have Ella chime in, in the background, most of the time this has been tricky! But it’s been essential for me to continue to have a presence and serve my audience with value, so sharing content via my newsletter, youtube channel and social media any way I can has been a priority.

“It’s been essential for me to continue to have a presence and serve my audience with value”. 

Ask for support when you need it (not after). There was a point a few months ago when I was really struggling. There is a reason why sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture!

I had to ask for support from family with Ella (really tough as they are on the other side of the world) and eight hours upstate. But I was amazed at what my family was willing to do. My Mum flew out from the UK THREE TIMES to help me adjust with the first few months, and my sister in law invited me and Ella to stay for two weeks so that I could get an extra pair of hands.

I also hired some great new team members to keep things running for me in the public space which took the pressure off when I needed to take some time out.

Just ASK ASK ASK (you know this is what I am alll about)!


Holly MacCue Career Coach

(Regardless of your industry; if you’re a massive introvert or would struggle to sell ice to an eskimo)

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To rewriting the rules for your success,

Holly x 

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