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Choosing the coaching program that’s right for you is an important decision.  The very best way to get all your questions answered and to ensure that I am the right coach for you is to schedule a FREE discovery call session with me.

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Please also see below some frequently asked questions to help in the meantime.


“I’ve done programs before but I haven’t stuck to them; how will I know this will be a good use of time and money?”

Accountability is a key part of this program. In our Welcome Session we will identify how exactly you would like to be held accountable throughout. The enormous benefit of a personalised 1-1 coaching program is that we work together as partners towards your goals. My role is to help guide and support you and most importantly, to keep you on track. In each session we will agree your follow-up actions to ensure you are always moving forwards, and you have email access throughout the three months. It is of course, up to you to take the action but unlike other courses, I will be there every step of the way.


“I’m not sure I can fit everything in. How much time would I need to set aside each week for this program?”

As with anything, the more you put in the more you will get out, but ensuring you have a good 2-3 hours per week to prepare for each session and implement the agreed follow-ups will create a good momentum.


“My schedule is crazy and I wouldn’t always be able to do a weekly call; is this program for me?”

Other clients have been in a similar position and have instead opted for fortnightly calls to allow a bit more breathing space. We balance flexibility with momentum to ensure you are progressing as quickly as possible towards your calls. All requirements such as this are discussed in more detail during the Welcome Session.


“Where do the sessions take place?”

For ease and convenience, sessions take place over Skype.


“I have a demanding, full-time job.What time would the coaching sessions take place?
I offer slots first thing in the morning as well as evenings to enable flexibility around all working schedules


“I’m not sure I can afford the investment but I need help!”

There is a payment plan available to take the pressure off an upfront payment.  Click here to explore all programs 



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