Let me guess…

You’re driven,  ambitious, and you yearn for something ‘more’.

There’s what you do now…and there is what you know deep down that you were meant for. 

You know in your heart that you have so much untapped potential.

You feel in your soul that you are meant to have a bigger impact in the world, and that this isn’t…quite…‘IT’.

(And if it sounds like I’m reading your mind, it’s only because I’ve been there before).

I created a six-figure side hustle around a senior role in a blue chip company because I didn’t want to choose between my passions.  I wanted my version of ‘having it all’.

Gone are the days of a job for life; climbing the corporate ladder or choosing between our passion, or our paycheck.  Today we can backflip around the career jungle gym if we so desire, and my clients are living proof of what is possible if we just have the courage to ask for what we want.

They come to me with dreams of:

  • Quitting their job and launching their dream business
  • Creating a 6 figure side hustle around their 9-5
  • Getting paid what they deserve, to do what they love
  • Negotiating salary increases, part-time flexibility, and promotions
  • Creating a powerful personal brand to stand out in their industry as an authority
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs around their worth and potential to rewrite the rules for their success

And they have amazing results, such as:

  • Tripling their annual income after quitting their 9-5
  • Doubling their prices, quadrupling their monthly income, and attracting ideal clients in their business
  • Negotiating flexible job shares to create a passion-driven side hustle
  • Appearing in international media, becoming keynote speakers in their industries, and publishing their first book
  • Negotiating +30% salary increases in their 9-5
  • Changing careers (even after 20 years in the same industry)

And I’m here to tell you that this is possible for you, too.

(Even if, like me, you’re a natural introvert, or balancing being a Mum as well).

The secret to success on your terms is actually very simple.

We must re-write the rules…

My Story

Holly Mac Cue - About UsToday I hardly recognise my life compared to a few years ago. I will never forget the dinner with friends one weekend over pizza and wine where – too distracted with stresses from work to listen to the conversation – I had the sinking thought;

‘I guess I’ll just be happy when I’m retired’ 

You see, for so long I had focussed on ‘ticking all the boxes’ in my career; (straight As, a First Class Honours Degree and a Masters in Business), before landing the ‘dream job’ in Switzerland with a fat paycheck and a view of the mountains, aged 25. 

But as a perfectionist terrified of screwing it all up, I put so much pressure on myself that I eventually burned out and became seriously ill. I was successful on paper, but inside I was miserable, lost and completely confused.  I had everything I thought I wanted, and yet…I wasn’t happy.

I considered changing everything; the company I worked for, the profession I was a part of; the city I lived in. I wanted success, but without the stress that always seemed to come with it. I wondered why I couldn’t just be content with things as they were; but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was meant for more.

 I needed help, and this is when I kick-started my personal development journey where I learned the proven techniques that changed everything for me.

The big realisation was that I had been striving to find the answer to happiness in my work – without asking myself the right question:

What did success mean to me personally?

 My Quarter Life Crisis was the wake up call I needed.  Shortly after, I moved to Sydney from London with little savings, no job, no networks, and a BIG dream that was burning a hole in my belly.  I was a newly qualified coach and desperate to share what had helped me turn my life around and support other ambitious women to get what they wanted.

But every recruitment agent I spoke with about this passion for a role in learning and development just…well…didn’t really care.

All they saw on my CV was the fact I had had a marketing career and they wanted me to fit straight back into that box.

But I wanted more. I knew I was meant for more.

In fact, the truth is I had never really set out to start my own business, it just became the only way I could do the work that set my soul on fire.

I negotiated a part time role in a blue chip organisation, meaning I was working across ALL of my passions and had the best of both worlds -The freedom and flexibility to create my passion-driven side hustle, with the thrill of working on multi-million dollar global brands, leading a team and all the benefits of a corporate role.

I didn’t have the luxury of knowing lots of people in a brand new country, lots of savings to fall back on, or even anyone else doing it the way I was to show what was possible

So I rewrote my own rules for what a multi-passionate 9-5 can look like.

You could say, I chose to have my career cake (and eat it too)!  And since becoming a Mum in 2018, this now gives me all the freedom and flexibility I need to work within, and around all of my passions and priorities.  And guess what – you can have this too.


It’s time to unlock your most courageous self, and Rewrite the Rules 

Want to create a career of your design?

Professional Bio

Holly MacCue is a Career and Business Success Coach who helps multi-passionate women to ‘re-write the rules’ for success and create a career of their design.

As the creator of her own multi-passionate career where she combines a senior marketing role in a global organisation alongside a passion-driven six figure business, Holly believes that we get in life what we have the courage to ask for. 

She’s helped hundreds of clients to launch dream businesses as well as triple their annual income, negotiate part time flexibility, promotions and even +30% salary increases in their 9-5s.  Her signature approach involves game-changing communication techniques that support her clients to boldly ask for what they want in a way that gets a yes.

Her success strategies have been featured in The Huffington Post, Marie Claire, Cleo and The Australian.  She lives in Sydney with her husband, baby girl and two cats.

And here are 10 random facts about me

1). I once abseiled upside down; I don’t actually know why!

2) I did my Masters in Business for six months in Paris. To this day I can only tell you about European Law in French as I never learned it in English.

3) I am allergic to dill. Ok, I’m not. But I cannot stand it and I will not eat it.

4) I got married in London in the same Church that Henry 8th married Jane Seymour (the only wife he didn’t behead or divorce).

5) There is a big blue elephant on a mural at a kindergarten in Namibia, Africa that I painted aged 16.

6) I have facilitated Neuro Linguistic Programming  workshops alongside the co-creator John Grinder himself.

7) I had my first poem published aged 10. It was about the TV soap Home and Away.

8) I love nothing more than walks in the sunshine and watching the sunset.

9) I have a daughter called Ella Rose (born 2018), and two fur babies (cats) called Harry and Belle.

10) I am a strong believer that everyone needs a coach to realise their full potential and achieve their dreams. I have one myself and have personally invested thousands of dollars in my own development; the best money I have ever spent.

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