You’re hard working, talented and driven. You’ve done everything ‘right’ to get to where you are today but there is a niggling feeling that you might be missing out on something else out there.

You just want to know that you’re making the impact you are capable of in your career. You want to feel that you’re in the right place. You want to do work that is meaningful, fulfilling; and aligned with your passions.

If it has to do with getting clarity over your career direction and the confidence to take action, I can help.


Tick all that apply:

arrow-rightThe spark, energy or excitement from your day to day has fizzled out somehow and you’re left asking ‘is this IT’?

arrow-rightYou’ve reached a crossroads or a turning point and are stuck with how to make the ‘right’ decision to move forwards

arrow-rightYou are a bit of a perfectionist, (ok let’s be honest here!) but so often this leaves you struggling with ‘choice paralysis’ (endless lists, anyone?)

arrow-rightYou know deep down you are SO capable of achieving more in your work, but you wish you had the confidence to make it happen You’re fed up of feeling stressed and whingey and are ready to do something about it. Now!

I totally get it; been there, experienced (all) of that (several times over) and came pretty close to driving my husband crazy

I am accredited by the world’s largest coaching organisation; I am a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, a Licensed Practitioner of the world-leading Goal Mapping Success System, and accredited in Emotional Intelligence, Workplace Motivators and DISC Behavioural Science.

My background is in Brand Management with 8 years in the FMCG industry (Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods; and yes –it is pretty fast paced!) I have worked on incredible campaigns on multi-million dollar global brands for some of the biggest marketing companies in the world.

I combine my corporate experience with tried and tested personal development techniques that create long-lasting change. I have shared my success strategies in public workshops, corporate training and educational institutes with amazing results.

“I would recommend Holly in a heartbeat”

Bec Derrington

Director, SourceBottle

My Story

Holly Mac Cue - About UsToday I hardly recognise my life compared to a few years ago. I felt overwhelmed by work, by the pressure to ‘perform’ and be ‘successful’ (whatever that meant), and I had no life balance whatsoever. I had spent my entire life until that point focussed only on the end result; getting straight As, a First Class Honours at University and a Masters in Business…but I didn’t actually know what for, and I was too ‘busy’ to step back and actually consider what to do about it. Eventually I got seriously burned out and very ill; (big fat clue from the Universe that something wasn’t really working there) which eventually sparked what I now refer to as my ‘Quarter Life Crisis’. On paper I was a success; in reality I was miserable. I considered changing everything; the company I worked for, the profession I was a part of; the city I lived in. I wanted success, but without the stress that always seemed to come with it. I wondered why I couldn’t just be content with things as they were; but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was meant for more.

The scary realisation I came to, was that I could change all of these external factors, but everything would be the same. My mindset was just not working with me; and I had no idea what to do about it. I needed help, and this is when I kick-started my personal development journey where I learned the proven techniques that changed everything for me.

The biggest turning point was realising that I had choices, and that I was always in control of these choices, even when it didn’t always feel that way.

In the space of 18 months I have made somewhat crazy, somewhat courageous choices.  I moved from the UK to my dream location of Sydney, Australia.  I landed an incredible promotion, created a successful business from scratch, and have since been able to design a life and career that is completely in sync with my passions doing work that I love, and enabling me to help others in turn.

What I really want you to know is that designing a life and career that lights you up doesn’t have to be hard; it doesn’t necessarily mean changing everything, and it is completely possible for you too.

Whether it’s a gentle nudge in the right direction, or support through a bigger transition, It’s time to stop chasing your success and start designing it.

I know that you can’t afford to waste time staying stuck or unclear for one more moment. Your time is precious and there is enough else to do than attempt to figure this all out by yourself.


This is where I come in. I work one-on-one with clients to help you:

arrow-rightFind the career clarity you have been searching for

arrow-rightBuild the confidence to design your life and career on your terms

arrow-rightUnlock your most courageous self and create an empowering personal brand to have a bigger impact in the world around you

What you want matters and the time is NOW to unlock your most courageous self and design a life and career that lights you up

Professional Bio

Originally from the UK, Holly has lived in France and Switzerland before choosing Sydney as her home in 2013. Holly passionately helps clients all over the world to achieve the clarity, confidence and calm to design a life and career that lights them up.

With a background in brand management for million dollar global brands, Holly leverages her corporate experience and capability insights to help her clients create an authentic, personal brand that accelerates their career success and fulfilment.

This personal experience has led to a long term interest in the impact that our ‘Inner Winner’ and our ‘Inner Critic’ can have on every aspect of our career performance, as well as our overall quality and enjoyment in all areas of our lives. Holly leverages the power of the subconscious mind in her coaching programs to help others understand, develop and implement their ‘Inner Winner’ strategies for success.

Holly is a firm believer that we each have the ability to design our own success, which led her to create her hugely popular ‘Career Success by Your Design’® 1-1 coaching program.

Holly is a strong advocate of personal development and has studied with the industry’s top thought-leaders for the past decade.

A qualified Personal Performance coach, she attained her Diploma with Distinction from the world’s largest coaching organization, The Coaching Academy UK. She is an NLP Practitioner, certified by NLP co-creator John Grinder. Holly is also a Licensed Goal Mapping Practitioner; the unique world-leading success system developed by Brian Mayne, and is proud to be the only Practitioner in New South Wales.

And here are 10 random facts about me

1). I once abseiled upside down, I don’t actually know why.

2) I did my Masters in Business for six months in Paris. To this day I can only tell you about European Law in French as I never learned it in English!

3) I am allergic to dill. Ok, I’m not. But I cannot stand it and I will not eat it.

4) I got married in London in the same Church that Henry 8th married Jane Seymour (the only wife he didn’t behead or divorce).

5) There is a big blue elephant on a mural at a kindergarten in Namibia, Africa that I painted aged 16.

6) I have facilitated NLP workshops alongside the co-creator John Grinder himself.

7) I had my first poem published aged 10. It was about the TV soap Home and Away.

8) I love nothing more than walks in the sunshine and watching the sunset.

9) I have two fur babies (cats) called Harry and Belle.

10) I am a strong believer that everyone needs a coach. I have one myself and have personally invested thousands of dollars in my own development; the best money I have ever spent.

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