As we are already a few months into 2019, we have a huge opportunity to look ahead and think about what we want to be different in a whole new year and what changes we might want to make.

Many of you may have started the year by setting New Year’s resolutions which, let’s be honest, may already have fizzled out. If that’s the case don’t worry! In today’s video, I share why making New Year’s resolutions is a complete waste of time and what to focus on instead.

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So why on earth (especially as a career and business coach), would I say that setting New Year’s resolutions is a complete waste of time? Well, hear me out. I recently came across some really interesting research that says 92% of people in the world don’t actually follow through on the resolutions that they set. That is kind of incredible! I’m not the strongest at maths but only 8% of people take action and implement their goals, showing there are clearly a few issues and concerns with how we are approaching New Year’s resolutions from the get-go. There is clearly a disconnect because the vast majority of people are sensible, hard-working, and ambitious yet they are not taking action to make those things happen.

“92% of people in the world don’t actually follow through on the resolutions that they set”.

It got me thinking about the word in itself and the concept of a resolution. When we think about the word resolution, to me it is the idea of committing to something. The idea of resolving to do something different and what often happens is we tend to make a list of all the list of things we feel we should be doing and we will resolve to do differently in the year ahead.

If you’re anything like me it will tend to be a BIG to do list of things that end up feeling like a chore. Whether it is ‘I must’ be doing more charity work’ or ‘I must’ exercise more’ or ‘I must’ be more fearless in my business’, more often than not, in our heart we know we will not see it all through. By creating such demands for ourselves, we don’t feel excited or inspired.


I want to flip the word resolution on its head entirely as to me what it brings up is resistance, a feeling of hard work and overwhelm. It means we are NOT setting ourselves up for success from the start. So what we need is a mindset shift. I would like you to ban the word resolution and start thinking about the word revolution. The word revolution for me is so much more inspiring, empowering, courageous, bold and it feels different. It is about positive changes and doing things in a way that feels right. Yes, it will shake things up a little bit but it will shake things up for the better.

” The word revolution for me is so much more inspiring, empowering, courageous, and bold “.

Goals should not be demands, goals should be the things you desire, that you truly want. If you have been carrying the same goals around in your mental headspace for weeks, months or even years and you STILL haven’t achieved them, then there is a very strong reason you never actually bought into them in the first place.


Now another way to get clarity and confidence for the year ahead is to set a positive intention for what you want to call in. The way that I do this is by choosing three simple words that represent what we desire to attract.

Why this is so powerful, is because 80% of our success down to our mindset alone.  Everything starts with the thoughts that we think. Our thoughts set our actions, and our actions shape our reality and results. 

“Any success starts with the thoughts that we think”.

If you set a positive inspiring intention as your overall revolution/mantra, you are programming your brain to focus on the things that you want and what you desire to attract, as opposed to the things that you are resolving to do more of because you think you should, (which ultimately is no fun).

Whenever you are thinking about making a decision, or you are not sure about which way to move forwards, having a really clear intention will keep you focused. 

Why you should be setting a New Year Revolution this year


For me my words this year are ‘EASE, JOY & COURAGE.’ I go into further details on these in the video if you would like to find out what these mean personally for me.

My three words for the year ahead are going to be front of mind to call in, manifest and when I do, I know they will help me to achieve my best year ever. It is as simple as asking yourself what you want to attract MORE of in your life and listening to the words that come front of mind.

To your best year yet,

Holly x

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