If you could communicate effortlessly and easily; if you knew how to create a WIN WIN in any situation and could align your work to your passions and motivations.


Knowing exactly what areas of work your behavioural style is most suited for, and how to manage situations that stretch you most in a balanced and sustainable way.

Feeling that you had proven techniques to manage difficult or challenging colleagues without feeling like you had to either hide or give in to unreasonable demands.


You know you are capable of having a bigger impact in your role but something holds you back. You just want to be able to step up and make your mark but to do this in a way that feels authentic, credible and ‘you’. You want to influence others without being pushy or arrogant.

You want to build great relationships at work but wonder why with some people the conversation flows, but with others it’s as though you are banging your head against a brick wall!


The good news? There is a way to do ALL of this and more.


Unlock your Talent Insights and Influence with Impact Program

This incredible package is part insight, part strategy session; equipping you with an eye-opening look at your preferred behavioural and communication style and what this means for interacting and working with others. It also provides a deep dive into what really drives you so that you can do more of this and become more effective as a result.


Unlock your Talent Insights to Influence with Impact is for you if:


arrow-rightYou want to learn how to package up your skills and talents to achieve a far bigger and more positive impact while remaining true to yourself

arrow-rightYou are ready to learn how to unlock your full potential by playing to your strengths on a whole new level

arrow-rightYou are ready to take the next step in your role or career and want to do this unapologetically but authentically

arrow-rightYou would like more flexibility over how you deal with difficult or challenging people without stress or confrontation

arrow-rightYou desire to do things more effectively and more productively and to get the most from the work you do

arrow-rightYou want to align your work with your passion areas and take the first step to designing a life and career that really lights you up

The REALLY good news


When you are aware of your talent insights, and are working in alignment with your passions, absolutely everyone benefits. You, those closest to you AND your employer. You are more engaged, more productive, more inspired, more self-aware and more willing to go the extra mile because you are doing the work you want and in a way that works for you. It makes a huge difference to all involved.

It also means that you have more awareness and empathy towards your co-workers and even clients as you recognise their preferred communication and working styles and are able to adapt to these and build deeper connections.

I remember trying everything to bring a particular colleague on board (for weeks) and feeling that no matter what I did the conversations with them were always a struggle.

As soon as I learned my preferred DISC style in comparison to theirs, I was able to make significant changes to how I communicated with them. What had previously felt like a world of pain suddenly clicked into place and we could work together collaboratively and actually enjoy it, instead of dreading it!


“Learning about these tools was really fun! Holly helped me to identify my strengths to dial up, and the improvement areas that I need to focus on for my personal development. This means I am more focussed in my work and feel better equipped to get the best out of myself and from others. This new level of awareness has been a real eye-opener and is making a positive difference across every area of my work”.

Marketing Brand Manager

Discover the insights you could unlock…

I use the unique Talent Insights™ tool is a powerful combination of two world-leading, multi-science human performance tools that has been researched and validated to provide a deeper layer of personal insights.

It combines:

1) The world-leading DISC tool

This measures how you prefer to act, behave and communicate.

It is a really simple four quadrant axis that measures the four universal styles of human behaviour. Where we sit individually within this framework based on our own preferences explains why we find some people easy to communicate and get along with, and why we find others far more challenging and difficult.

Sometimes it seems like we are not on the same page with others, whereas actually we are just not speaking the same language. Having awareness of our own style in comparison to those around us, and being equipped with the neutral language of the DISC framework means we can learn exactly how to adapt and flex our style to communicate with, influence, negotiate and manage others effortlessly and easily.

However, it is not enough to just understand how you prefer to act, behave and communicate in the workplace. You need to understand what exactly drives your behaviour so that you can focus on the areas that will bring you the biggest results. When you can also tap into the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ you are able to master your effectiveness, be completely aligned and in sync with your passions, and essentially become unstoppable!

2) Workplace Motivators

This unique tool analyses what exactly drives your behaviour and motivates you into action. It provides insights into what will fulfil you most, and equally what will de-motivate you in your work.

The Workplace Motivators™  profiling tool provides an even deeper level of insight, because the fascinating thing is that while two individuals might behave and communicate in a similar way, they could be driven by completely different motivations. You will uncover your two primary motivators; the drivers that always get you moving. Awareness of these means you will know exactly how to unlock a higher level of energy, focus and ultimately results. Motivation is where we get our energy from; but we must identify the source in order to leverage it to the fullest potential.

The Talent Insights™  profiling tool is the only one of its kind that combines BOTH DISC and Workplace Motivators insights. The reason that this combination is so essential, is because communication alone is only the output; the visible, demonstrable behaviours that we see on the surface level.   This is what we interact with and respond to amongst our co-workers and clients, but it doesn’t take into account the multiple inputs that drive this behaviour. A lack of understanding as to the intentions (only visible beneath the surface) is why we can so often run into conflicts and clashes within the workplace.

What you’ll gain from this unique program…


arrow-rightLearn the primary motivators that really drive you, so that you can align your passions with your work

arrow-rightUnlock the insights to know exactly how and where to focus energy and effort to increase your results and impact in a more effective way

arrow-rightDiscover the proven techniques to handle difficult and challenging conversations with ease and grace

arrow-rightFeel empowered with the tools and flexibility to create a WIN-WIN out of every interaction

arrow-rightAn understanding of your natural working style as well your adapted working style to show how aligned your current role is to your preferences

arrow-rightSo what does this unique and incredible profiling tool give you? It takes ALL the guesswork out of trying (and let’s face it, failing) to understand how to get buy-in from people who we find more challenging to deal with.


 What’s included and how does it work?

careerinsight1You’ll receive a Welcome Pack that will help you to clarify your desired outcomes and any key focus areas and challenges that you are currently working through.

careerinsight5You’ll be sent a link to your unique online questionnaire which will take just 15 minutes to complete.


Career Insight IconYou’ll then get access to an introductory webinar taking you step by step through the DISC and Workplace Motivator Models so that you have a clear understanding of these tools ahead of receiving your report.
careerinsight6We’ll have a personalised 2 hour debrief session together over skype to go through the key take-aways from the report and dive into any specific areas of focus.
Career Insight 4 iconWe’ll wrap up our session by identifying a clear action plan as to how you can implement the learning for a bigger impact in your career starting immediately!

You’ll also of course walk away with your very own Talent Insights report.


This is a 46 page report jam packed with insights to help you to understand your styles, preferences and drivers. It would quite simply take years to glean this level of insights in any other way, and provides an incredible ongoing resource for you.


What’s inside…


arrow-rightYour DISC style insights graph

arrow-rightYour Success Insights Wheel

arrow-rightYour unique value to the organisation

arrow-rightDo’s and Don’ts of communicating with you

arrow-rightCommunication Tips for other styles

arrow-rightSelf-Perceptions and Other’s Possible Perceptions of your style

arrow-rightYour Natural & Adapted Style

arrow-rightPotential Time Wasters

arrow-rightAreas for Improvement

arrow-rightYour Workplace Motivators Insights graph

arrow-rightHow to navigate situations outside of your comfort zone

arrow-rightAreas of strength and areas of potential conflict

arrow-rightYour ideal working environment

arrow-rightAnd lots more!

An incredible resource for now and ongoing as you navigate new chapters in your career

One payment of $795

Opt for a payment plan with 3 payments of $300

Got questions or aren’t sure if this is the right program for you?


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