Are YOU ready to design a life and career that lights you up?

The Signature Program: A powerful and personal way to get results at a deeper level.

A bespoke 3 month coaching package designed to help you to get clarity over your career next steps, uncover what has been holding you back, and build the confidence to make things happen on your terms. Dedicated and personalised support every step of the way. Includes the exclusive ‘Talent Insight’s profiling tool bonus.

The Career Success Intensive:


One incredible day of personalised 1-1 coaching to laser-focus on your chosen career area. Uncover the actionable insights and next steps that will help you to fast-track your results and career success.

The Insight Deep Dive:

Discover your preferred communication style and how to better adapt to others to create more ‘WIN-WIN’ outcomes in your working environment. Uncover your primary motivators to be able to align your passions with your work in order to unlock your full potential and achieve a bigger impact. Includes a 2 hour debrief and a 46 page insight report.

The Starting Point:


The perfect option for women seeking clarity over their career next steps but who prefer to work through this themselves. A step-by-step self study program to kick-start designing your career success.

“I am happier than I have been in a long time both professionally and personally”

Lots of thoughts have been whirling through my mind for over 2 years with the “dream” of setting up my own business.  This meant jumping off the corporate ladder (scary), focusing on my passion (exciting) and thinking about my future career in a different way (confusing). And then came along Holly – calm, quietly confident, reassuring, probing and holding a gigantic mirror up to me … In the most supportive way. Every barrier in my mind she challenged (and helped me change) by getting me to focus on what could be, and to believe in myself.

Holly isn’t about screaming in your face and getting you to punch through a block of wood. She takes your fears, concerns and self doubt and helps re-focus them into positivity, self belief, energy and passion. Whether it is small steps or large steps it doesn’t really matter, she just helps by breaking it down into bite size chunks of “You can do this” and the cleverest bit is that she makes you realise that you are leading the journey not her. She is the sat nav or map that helps guide you to where you want to go; helping turn a wrong turn into a new path and not a dead end.

The result? I have now set up my own company. I am happier than I have been in a long time both professionally and personally. I am no longer scared of failure and no longer suffer from a lack of self belief. I can honestly say that Holly helped me make the decision to “go for it”. She is exceptionally good at what she does. I am so proud to know her and for her to have been an integral part of my personal journey. Thank you Holly.


Marketing Director & Founder, OF THE MIND COLLECTIVE

“Holly is a thorough professional who is results focussed”

Holly is a thorough professional who is results focused. She brings the best balance between the technique and empathy to her approach. She takes the time to get to know the individual in a way that is helpful and detailed enough to diagnose a pattern of thinking and she is then greate at asking the right questions and helping you discover the insight that will enable the change you seek. During my work with her, I made the progress I sought and enjoyed the process immensely


Global Category Manager


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